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Group Dance Classes in December 2019

Adult Dance Classes

Ballroom dance lesson Houston, TX - Newcomer Ballroom

Beginer Social Ballroom

Thursday 8pm

$60.00 / month

*partner recommended

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Beginner bachata dance lesson Houston, TX

Newcomer Cumbia / Bachata

Monday 7pm

$60.00 / month

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Beginner Salsa dance lesson Houston, TX

Newcomer Salsa

Monday 8 pm

$60.00 / month

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Country-Western dance classes houston and sugar land

Newcomer Country-Western

Tuesday 8pm

$60.00 / month

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Private dance lesson in Houston, TX

Private Dance Lessons

Flexible Scheduling, learn dances that you want

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Children Dance Classes

Beginner Ballet Dance lessons in Houston

Beginner Ballet, Child 4-8 years old

Saturday 11am

$60.00 / month

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Behinner Hip Hop dance class for kids Houston and Sugar Land

Beginner Hip Hop for Children

Wednesday 6pm

$60.00 / month

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Beginner Child  Ballroom dance lessons in Houston, TX
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Newcomer Child Salsa/Merengue dance class houston and sugarland

Newcomer Child Salsa/Merengue

Thursday 7pm

$60.00 / month

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Newcomer Teen Bachata Dance lessons in Houston

Newcomer Teen Ballroom/Latin

Wednesday 9pm

$60.00 / month

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Group Dance Classes - $60/ 4 weeks

Our dance classes run in sessions of 4 or 5 weeks, depending on the month. Classes meet once a week, so the session equals 4 or 5 lessons. For example, "Beginner Monday Merengue " dance class would meet for 4 consecutive Mondays starting the first Monday of each month. We use calendar month to run sessions. So new classes start on the 1st of the month, whatever day it may be.

Private Dance Lessons - $95/ each

Private dance lessons are one-on-one dance classes with instructor for the dance of your choice. This gives you a lot of fexibility of what to work on. In addition, unlike Group Classes, Private Dance Lessons can be arranged at times convenient for you.

FAQs about dance classes

What if I do not have a dance partner?

You have several options for taking dance lessons if you do not have a dance partner. First, you can take private dance lessons and dance with your teacher. Many people find this an easy and comfortable option. Especially for true beginners, taking private lessons may be a good way to ease into dancing. You can also attend group dance classes where you may find another single person like yourself. You can also ask some of your friends. They may have some time and be willing to take dance lessons with you. It is worth trying.


How much are dance classes?

Our group dance classes are $60 for a session of 4 classes per person. That makes it $15 per class. Our private lessons are $95 for 45 minute lesson for 1 or 2 people. From the first look, group classes may appear to be less expensive. However, if you are a couple it may be more beneficial to take private dance lessons. This way you get more individualized attention from the teacher that you can't get in group dance class.


How long are dance lessons?

Length of dance classes varies from studio to studio. At DanceSport Club our group classes are 50 min long and private dance lessons are 45 min long. This length of danceclass is within attention span of adults that allows them to retain most of the instruction. For children, we normally split lesson in half and allow them to have a “2 minute water break” to regain focus.


How many dance lessons do I need?

Number of dance classes that you would need depends on the goal and level of experience that you have. If you want to learn enough to get by at a particular social dance such as salsa, a couple of lessons might work. On the other hand, if you want to be proficient enough to dance all Ballroom dances at social, it may take quite a few lessons. Thus, you need to decide on a specific goal and pursue it! Set challenging, yet realistic goals. And be consistent with your lessons and practicing. Depending on your budget take 1 or 2 lessons per week, whether private or group class. Remember the golden rule of practicing – for every hour of lesson you need to practice at least 2-3 hours to retain the information and be able to move forward.


How to start dance classes?

Register for a dance class. If you are not sure which class is better for you, call DanceSport Club. One of our staff members will be able to find dance class that fits your busy schedule and you like. You can register either online, over the phone or in person. We make it as easy as possible for you.


How to afford dance classes?

Many people think that dance classes are expensive and they cannot afford them. However, more economical option of Group Dance Classes is not that expensive. Each group class is $15 which is a little more than the price of movie ticket! You probably would spend more in the movies by buying popcorn and sodas…


Which ballroom dance is the easiest?

Unfortunately, there is no one single answer. Different people seem to pick different dances easier. The reason for that may be as simple as personal music preferences. Some like slower foxtrot music, others like faster cha-cha. Thus, when deciding on the dance to start with (if you have a choice) listen to different music and check yourself which one you like most. That would probably be a good pick. Otherwise you will be stuck in a lesson dancing to something you do not even like.


What is social ballroom dance?

It is what you dance in a social setting. If you dance any ballroom dance, say, Waltz, and there are other people on the floor and no one particular is judging you or watching you, then it is social dance. Social dancing is dancing for the sake of joy, fun, socializing with others with no particular goal to demonstrate skill or entertain others, other than your partner. There are some particular dances that are more popular among social dancers such as foxtrot, rumba, swing, salsa simply because they are easier to learn and you can start dancing faster. Otherwise, depending on a particular venue, you can find dancers of different levels and music of pretty much any type of ballroom dance including, cha cha, rumba, tango, samba, quickstep, jive etc.

Do guys do ballroom dance?

Well, yes guys do ballroom dance. Who do you think dances with ladies? Some other forms of dance such as ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop do not require a partner to dance. Or they can be performed in a group of same-gender dancers. Ballroom dancing is different. You have to have a dance partner and it has to be opposite gender partner. That is just the whole point of ballroom dance for two people that are not alike to manage dancing together. Once again answering question, guys do ballroom dance and they dance with ladies, not other guys.

Why take dance lessons?

There are many reasons why to take dance lessons and all of them are good. Some people learn to dance because of its social nature. They want to socialize and meet other people. Social dance parties are the perfect place to do it! Other people take dance lessons because of their educational value. Those people like to learn something new. In dancing, you always learn something new. Even if you think you already learned a lot, there is still more to learn. There are also people that take dance lessons for exercise purposes. Dancing is a physical activity and it burns quite a few calories. Some people learn to dance because they want to compete. Competitive dancing, known as DanceSport is perfect for people that want to win and be the best. With many dance competitions around the country, you can compete every week! You may have your own reason to take dance lessons.

When should I start taking dance lessons?

In general, any time! There is no specific date by when you were supposed to start dance classes. Dancing is a great activity and people can benefit from it regardless of age. However, personally, there may be a better time of year to start taking dance lessons. Depending on your work schedule and life style there may be a better month to start simply because you are not that busy. Overall, it is more difficult to learn something new when you have too much on your plate. So choose time that is a little less busy so that you can focus on dance lessons better. This way you can have a head start and learn faster.

What kind of dance lessons should I take?

There are several different styles of dance that we teach at DanceSport Club. We have “Social Ballroom” which is officially called “American Smooth” and includes Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz. This is a quite easy style that was designed specifically for social ballroom dancing. We have “Social Latin” that includes Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Cumbia. This style is very popular in Houston night clubs. Then, we have American Style Rhythm that includes ChaCha, Rumba, Bolero and Swing. These dances are normally danced at Ballroom socials. If you are up to a challenge, learn International Style! It consists of International Standard (Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot and Quickstep) and International Latin (Samba, ChaCha, Rumba, PasoDoble and Jive). What is the difference? International Style is somewhat more sophisticated and technically difficult. Often it is considered a competitive dance style. However, the good news is that you can dance it anywhere in the world! That is why they call it International.

How to take dance lessons?

There must be a better way to take dance lessons and retain the information. People remember about 50% of what they just learned in class within 1 hour! How do you overcome this problem? First, active listening is important. Do not just stand in class and hear teacher. Try to understand and internalize the information. Second, repetition is the key. Try to analyze and recall in your mind as much as you can right after the lesson. If you need, take notes. Use paper, your phone or laptop and jot some notes for yourself. Between this class and next one, try to practice. You may not remember everything, but try to accomplish as much as possible. Before your next dance class, once again go through what you learned in dance class before. Your dancing will improve at much faster rate if are able to remember and execute what is learned in class.

How to afford dance lessons?

Many people think that dance lessons are expensive and they cannot afford them. However, more economical option of Group Dance Classes is not that expensive. Each group class is $15 which is a little more than the price of movie ticket! You probably would spend more in the movies by buying popcorn and sodas…

What to wear to ballroom dance lessons?

If you have ballroom dance shoes with suede soles – wear them. If you have practice clothing – wear it. Otherwise, at DanceSport Club, we suggest that people wear comfortable, stretchy clothing, something similar to work out clothes. We do not recommend jeans because even “stretchy” ones are quite restrictive. As for the shoes, stay away from street high heels. First of all, they are not designed for dancing. Second, they damage hardwood dance floor. You can wear lower heel shoes that hold your foot well or socks. Yes, dancing in socks is very good; it helps you to develop your feet faster. If you feel that you need some sort of shoes, get ballet slippers, they are inexpensive, light, and flexible and have suede on the bottom. As for guys, tennis shoes are not the best option. Wear dress shoes that are somewhat flexible or, once again, socks! You can also opt for ballet slippers, just get the black ones.

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