Children Hip Hop Dance Classes

Children Hip Hop dance classes in Houston and Sugar Land

Hip-hop dance is a very energetic form of dance that allows dancers to perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities. Hip Hop is a type of dance that includes a variety of urban dance styles. Hip Hop started as a street dance and later was developed into more formal dance. Hip hop can come in many different styles with a variety of music. In our classes we use age appropriate hip hop music and moves.

Children 4-6 pre Hip-Hop (Thursday 7pm)

Pre Hip Hop dance class is a fun way for children to explore movement through music and dance using favorite popular tunes. In this beginner dance class your child will work on developing physical skills, rhythmic awareness, coordination, and balance in a safe environment. In our class we mostly use age-appropriate “clean songs” by Kids Bop Kids. Pre Hip-Hop dance class is perfect for boys and girls ages 4-6 years old.