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Ballroom Dance Lessons near me in Houston TX - Learn to Dance!

Ballroom Dance Lessons HoustonBallroom Dance Classes at DanceSport Club!

Start taking Ballroom dance lessons today and join the craze that's sweeping the Nation! Everywhere you go, you can find Ballroom and Latin dancing. It is simply everywhere. People dance at weddings, quinceaneras, night clubs, socials, and even on TV. Our DanceSport Club is a brand new, big, conveniently located Ballroom dance studio that opened in Houston. It is also a very first DanceSport Club in the Southwest! In other words, DanceSport Club is a great place to learn to dance! You do not need to travel to New York or L.A. for dance lessons, come to our DanceSport Club! As for the benefits, everyone, from 3 to 103 can take advantage of great things that this beautiful form of dance offers for your mind, body and soul. Just to name a few: new moves, new music, new friends- you are sure to love it.


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Holiday Dance Showcase Ballroom Dance Performances in Houston, TX

Kids Ballroom Dance Lessons near me in Houston.

We encourage parents to start Children Ballroom dance lessons Houston at a young age because of many benefits. First, dancing involves children in a productive activity which they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. Then, this activity releases youth's excess energy in a constructive manner (would you rather your child watch TV or do some dancing?). Third, it gives children a community of their peers, with whom they socialize and interact in a positive, respectful manner. Contact us to enroll your child in a dance class today!

Children Ballet Dance Lessons near me in Houston

We recommend that children start Ballet Dance Lessons Houston as soon as possible. Young kids really enjoy classical Ballet dancing. In addition, it involves them in an activity that they can do for many ears to come, even when they become adults. Contact us to enroll your child in a dance class today!

Adult Ballroom Dance Lessons near me Houston

We believe that all adults should dance. For real beginners, group Ballroom dance lessons Houston are an affordable and fun way to get into dancing. When people learn in a group, they can make many new friends and maybe even find a special partner. Moreover, they get an opportunity to dance with different partners which helps them to understand the art of social dancing as well as competitive dance. Don't wait, join our dance classes now and have fun!

Private Ballroom Dance Lessons near me in Houston

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced dancer, taking private Ballroom dance lessons in Houston can help you a lot. Private dance lessons are a great way to get more personalized, specific attention which you cannot get in a group class. You may want to think of a private dance lesson as a combination of tutoring and a personal trainer. During private dance lesson instructors have the ability to adjust teaching methods to better suit your individual needs and closely monitor your performance to address any concerns. Contact us to schedule your private dance lesson today!

Social Ballroom Dancing in Houston

Social Ballroom dancing is an "applied dancing". When you learn something in class you need go ahead and use it, so that you do not loose it. Social dancing is a perfect oppurtunity to do it. When going social dancing, you can meet many new people that can become your friends. And if you are lucky, you can even find a special person. That is why we encourage all dancers, especially beginners, to attend our Social Ballroom dance parties.

There are many popular social dances that you can learn. If you do, you will have many opportunities to have fun and enjoyable time at clubs, parties and socials. So, go ahead and take Salsa Dance Lessons
Bachata Dance Lessons, Merengue Dance Lessons, Country-Western Dance Lessons, Two-Step and Swing

Fitness: Yoga and Zumba

Have fun getting fit! Zumba and yoga are easy and very popular.

Wedding Dance Lessons

Call us, stop worrying and start looking forward to your special day! Our instructors will help you to choose music, create Wedding dance choreorgaphy, and rehearse it so that you feel confident when the time comes. We can also help your parents, wedding party, and guests. Contact us about our wedding packages and discuss your special situation.

Ballroom Dance Competitions

Many people have competitive bone in them. That is why people start businesses, get higher education, want better jobs and better life. All because competition is an essential part of everyday life. Learn more what Ballroom Dance competitions can offer to you.

Dance Performances

People enjoy watching dance performances. And it is even more fun to be a part of the performance. Invite your whole family to see you showcasing your talent!

Dance Instructors

At DanceSport Club we have many knowledgeable and talented Dance Instructors that can help you to learn to dance. We are also looking for new instructors various areas of dance to join our team.

Venue Rental for your Event in Houston

DanceSport Club is not just a dance studio, but a Reception Hall for rent in Houston. Our spacious facility is available for rent for your events such as Wedding, Party, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Birthday etc. Choosing right venue for your reception is very important. There are so many things to take in consideration: the number of guests, location, parking etc. At DanceSport Club our job is to make venue selection an effortless process. DanceSport club offers many amenities that make it the perfect o hold your reception and/or ceremony.

Great Location. DanceSport Club is conveniently located near intersection of US 59 and Beltway 8. This provides easy access for your guests from different parts of town. Nobody is going to get lost wandering the streets looking for us. Pull into our parking lot right off the feeder road!

Your event is a special day to celebrate with your family and friends. Choosing the right venue is crucial to making this a day everyone will remember for years to come

DanceSport Club Houston location

DanceSport Club is conveniently located in Houston on the intersection of Southwest Freeway (US 59) and Beltway 8. This provides access to the studio for dancers from all over Houston, including nearby suburbs such as Bellaire, Sugar Land, Pearland, Missouri City, Meadows Place and Alvin. Large, competition size dance floor, plenty of parking, friendly instructors, many new friends etc. All that make DanceSport Club the place to go for all your dance needs. Check out location of our Ballroom dance studio in Houston,
Ballroom dance studio near Meadows Place
Ballroom dance studio near Stafford

DancePedia - Ballroom and Latin Dance Encyclopedia

This is a collection of useful articles and tips that have been collected over time. They are intended to benefit any Ballroom and/or Latin dancer and include such items as links to competitions, Syllabus steps, descriptions of dances and styles etc. Read DancePedia and find something useful for yourself.

Ballroom Dance Shoes and Costumes in Houston

Ballroom dancers always need ballroom dance shoes, costumes etc. We recommend a good dance store. There you can find stylish, comfortable and affordable Ballroom dance and Latin dance shoes for adults and children, as well as costumes. The name of that local dance store is International Dance Design Great thing about that dance store is that it is located next door to DanceSport Club!

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