Holiday Dance Showcase

Saturday, December 19, 2020. Doors open 6:30pm

On December 19, 2020 at DanceSport Club we will present our Holiday Dance Showcase ! Join us for a fun-filled evening of food, fun, dance and entertainment. You will get to see what Waltz or ChaCha looks like LIVE, not on a TV screen! 

Kids Ballet performance at Holiday dance showcase Children Ballroom dance performance at Holiday Dance Showcase Amateur students performance at Holiday Dance Showcase Teacher-student performance at Holiday Dance Showcase

We will be showcasing talented dancers of all kind. We will have beginner students who are currently taking group classes and move advanced dancers who are polishing their moves in private lessons. In these coming months they will be learning new dances, for some, it will be their first show ever! Thus, please cheer all performers well. They deserve applause for their work and dedication

Social dance at Holiday Dance Showcase Social dancing at Holiday Dance Showcase

On your side, no dance experience necessary. For those that already know how to dance we will have some social dance time between performances and after the show is over. If you've got dance shoes in your closet, bring them in!

Family at Holiday Dance Showcase Family at Holiday dance showcase

Holidays is the time to be with friends and family, so bring them all here and party like one big family. We have plenty of space! 

 Food at Holiday Dance ShowcaseFood at Holiday Dance Showcase

Note about Food:

This year, in consideration of COVID-19 and State and federal health protocols and guidelines we will replace our buffet during the Holiday Dance Showcase with a more “socially distanced” alternative.
However, no worries, though, you will not go hungry or thirsty! We will have a “Dim Sum Style” food service during intermissions between acts in our Showcase. For those of you not familiar with “dim sum”, this simply means we will bring food options to your table and you will select your choice from the options brought. We will still feature many of last year’s favorites including appetizers, meals and dessert courses at designated times.
This way you will be able to enjoy the show, stay safe with your friends and family and get food delivered to you. In addition, we will have light snacks and some beverages already available at your table

You can purchase spectator tickets via our website, over the phone (281) WE-DANCE, (281) 933-2623 or at the studio. For large parties, you can reserve a table or two (6 per table) so that all your friends can sit together. There is no extra cost as long as tables are available. If purchasing tickets online, please send us email with the list of your party members. 

2020 Holiday Showcase Spectator Tickets

Reserve your spectator spot for our spectacular 2020 Holiday Dance Showcase on December 19, 2020. Seating is limited. For online orders tickets will be held at "will call" at front desk of DanceSport Club under purchaser name.
All 2020 Holiday Dance Showcase attendees agree to the following disclaimer

2020 Holiday Dance Showcase Registration Form

2020 Holiday dance showcase registration form


2020 Holiday Dance Showcase Disclaimer 

2020 Holiday Dance Showcase Disclaimer



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