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2018 Holiday Dance Showcase

2018 Holiday Dance Showcase was an evening of dance performances presented by DanceSport Club during Holiday Season.  We normally have lots of snack food and beveragtes as well as social dancing and entertainment. Holiday Dance Showcase is a celebration of dance. It gives students an opportunity to present their accomplishments. It gives parents an opportunity to be proud of their children. It allows teachers to showcase their skills as dance instructors. It allows people just sit, watch and enjoy perofrmances in a festive holiday atmosphere. 

We showcase talented dancers of all kind. We have beginner students who just started dancing and are currently taking group classes. We have more advanced dancers who are polishing their moves in private lessons. We have people that dance for fun of social dance and we have people that strive to achieve better results at dance competitions. For some performers Holiday Showcase is the first time they ever dance in front of people, while others have done it several times. 

Please enjoy these pictures and videos from our 2018 Holiday Dance Showcase! These dancers put a lot of effort and dedication in their performances. Thus, please cheer for them even though it is a thing of past. However, remember that there is always another showcase coming up this year! You are welcome to join it as a spectator or a performer. 


Teen Samba Formation

 This was performance by our older dance students from Teen Ballroom/Latin group dance class. These are older kids, they have a little more experience and some of them even participated at dance competitions. So we decided to challenge them with open Samba choreography. Kids were very excited and practiced a lot. For music we chose Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" which was quite popular at that time. For costumes boy wore classic black shirt and pants and girls went for a "wilder" animal print dresses. We are very proud of everyone who participate in this performance! Special thanks go to parents who supported their children through all the lessons, practices and rehearsals. 


Mike and Ann - American Rumba

Mike and Ann are an Amateur couple who has been taking our group Ballroom dance classes for a while. They really like to learn new dances and from time to time attend our Friday Social Dance to meet their dance friends and practice what they learned in class. In addition to social dancing they like to perform and do not miss a single opportunity be it Holiday Dance Showcase or Open House. For their perofmances they take some extra private dance lessons so that we can create original choreography for them. This year they have been focusing quite a bit on Rumba. During their practices they were trying to get into "slow and romantic" Rumba character. We think they got it down pretty well!


Children Latin Class Formation - ChaCha

This formation was by our younger Children Latin/Ballroom dance class. Some of these kids just started dancing a couple of months ago. Therefore we tried to make their routine simple and fun. They really loved it and were very enthusiastic performing it.   


 Denis and Jeanette - International Jive

Denis and Jeanette are our dance instructors here at DanceSport Club. They teach many group classes and private dance lessons. They coach many dances that participate in our Holiday Dance Showcase. This year they decided to throw a little more energy into their performance and danced Jive at our showcase. That was a great performance! 


 Sharonda and Denis - American Foxtrot

Sharonda is a new dancer who started about a year ago. Despite being a novice she is very dedicated and takes her private dance lessons with her teacher Denis very serious. She even participated at a dance competition earlier this year! For Holiday Dance Showcase Sharonda wanted to do something fun. So we decided to dance American Style Foxtrot. Performance was great and Sharonda was also very creative with her costume!  


Denis and Jeanette - International Waltz

Denis and Jeanette are our dance instructors here at DanceSport Club. They teach many group classes and private dance lessons. They coach many dances that participate in our Holiday Dance Showcase. Since they dance both styles Latin and Ballroom, their second performance was a Slow Waltz.