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Quinceanera Dance Lessons

Quinceanera Dance Lessons Houston and Sugar Land

Our quinceanera dance lessons in Houston help people making their special day even better. Modern Quinceañera celebrations in Houston are often a fancy parties that include many guests. In many ways they are very similar to a wedding. Planning a Quinceañera starts early and family and godparents save money for the party until the girl is of age. Prudent preparations can take anywhere from half a year to two years.

Dancing is often an important part of the Quinceañera celebration. The dances included in the Quinceañera have to be learned and be ready to perform in front of guests. In addition to specialty dances like the Father Daughter Dance, Waltz group dance, and “surprise dance,” celebrants and guests often dance to Salsa, Cumbia, Cha Cha, Merengue, Bolero and Rumba music.

Quinceanera father-daughter dance lessons in Houston

One of the most popular quinceañera traditions is the waltz, an elegant, choreographed dance performed by the birthday girl and her court. If this is also the first dance of the celebration, the quinceañera will take her father as her partner. It can often take months of planning and several rehearsals to prepare a court for the choreographed dance. And some families choose to hire a professional dance choreographer to guide the party.

5 Quinceanera Father-Daughter Dance Lessons

This is agreat package for fathers who would like to dance with their daughters at Quinceanera.

Package includes 5 private dance lessons and a custom choreography. These lessons are 1 hour each and are flexible to schedule. We will work with your schedule to figure out better time for dance lessons.

If you already have a song that you would like to use, we can work with that. If not, we can also provide help with song selection. We also take into consideration venue that you will be using for your event.


8 Quinceanera-Chamberlain Dance Lessons with Choreography

Following the father and daughter dance, the Quinceañera chambelan (or the birthday girl's escort) will approach the father and ask for permission to dance with the birthday girl. Traditionally, Chambelan will dance Waltz (Vals) with Quinceañera.

Generally, the main chambelan is someone very close to the Quinceanera either a brother, cousin or relative. It can also be the case that he is her best friend from childhood, school or a neighbor. Being the main chamberlain someone close to the Quinceanera has many benefits as she will feel comfortable with him around at all times and there is trust and communication to express what he or she likes or dislikes. Chambelan will need to be someone reliable who will be able to attend each of the dance rehearsals.


Professional Chambelan Job Training

Starting in January 2023 on Sundays we will be hosting our 6-Week Chambelan Training courses for boys 14-17 years old who would like to become professional Chambelanes. See more info below.