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Children Folklorico Dance Classes in Houston

History of Folklorico Dance


Children ballet folklorico dance classes in Houston

Baile folklórico, "folkloric dance" in Spanish, also known as ballet folklórico, is a collective term for traditional Hispanic cultural dances that emphasize local folk culture with ballet characteristics – pointed toes, exaggerated movements, highly choreographed.

Folklórico is a dance style with as much complexity, variety, and history as the Hispanic countries of North, Central and South Americas. Folklórico actually refers to many traditional dances from America’s different regions and states, rather than one single style, and you could fill multiple books with the details of every dance

This type of dance reflects the traditions, cultures and beliefs of people in various regions. Folkloric dance expresses the life and spirit of a people through its movement and music. It is both historical and current, preserving tradition yet shifting with the current times.

Throughout the years the customs of both the Spanish and Native Americans (Mayans, Aztecs, Incans and may others) have combined to make what we know as the Hispanic tradition. Ballet Folklorico teaches us about Hispanic culture. The dance and music celebrates its people, culture, and history.