Групповые уроки танцев для взрослых в Хьюстоне

"Anyone Can Social Dance Latin" (Salsa and Cumbia: Tuesdays 8pm)

This is the starter adult social Latin dance class that no one should miss. In this class we will teach basics of very popular social Latin dances Salsa and Cumbia.
Registration is open now, reserve your spot today. Registration is $60 which includes 4 classes, 1 class per week


 “Anyone Can Dance” Adult Group Dance Classes in Houston

Our "Anyone Can Dance" series of Newcomer Level (really beginner-beginner) adult group dance classes in Houston is designed to introduce anyone to dancing. Currently we have two group dance classes Social Latin and Social Ballroom.

In Social Ballroom dance class we will teach basics of most popular social Ballroom dances such as Waltz, Foxtrot and Tango. 

In Social Latin dance class we will teach basics of two currently most popular social Latin dances such as Salsa and Cumbia.


We really mean it. These adult group dance classes are designed for busy working adults who want to learn to dance. So, we have these dance  classes in the evenings so that you can make it after work. Dance classes are fairly simple, we do not expect you to have any prior knowledge of dancing at all. We expect you to have two feet though, even if they are both left. If you are still unsure whether now is a good time to start dancing, read our article "When Should I Start Dancing?"

In our adult group dance classes you will learn about 3-4 (maybe 5 if the group pick up quickly) basic steps of a particular dance. This will not make you a pro, but you should be able to dance at a social dance or event.

If you feel that these classes may be too easy for you or times are not convenient we recommend you to take Private Dance Lessons. From our experience we found that it is more productive and benefitial for studens to learn more advanced dance steps in Private Lessons. To make transition from group classes to private lessons more affordable we introduced Special New Private Students Offer. You are also welcome to start with Private Dance Lessons if group classes do not fit your busy schedule!

Adult social dance classes in Houston at DanceSport Club

What can you do with your dance skills?

You can do a lot of things when you know how to dance. You will have many different options such as:

Dance at social dance

1. Attend social dances!

At DanceSport Club we host our weekly Friday Open Social Dance parties. This is the time when dance students come together, socialize and dance. It is the perfect opportunity to do what you learned in class. Dance some Waltz or Foxtrot, some Salsa or maybe Two-Step? It is fun and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, there are other people that are doing it. 

Perform at Holiday Dance showcase

2. Perform at Holiday Dance Showcase!

If you are a little more ambitious and simply social dancing is not fun anymore, challenge yourself to do a performance! We host our Annual Holiday Dance Showcase in December. Many students choose to participate. You will have options of doing perormance as a group or just you and your partner. 

Participate at dance competition

3. Participate at dance competition!

For our very ambitious and adventurous students there are plenty of dance competitions around country. Dance competitions require a bit more preparation but we can definitely help you with that. If you get into competitions you can travel around the country (or even around the world) dancing and meeting new people.


Registration is open. Please register in advance!