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Adult Stretch and Move (Monday and Wednesdays 8pm)

Our Stretch & Move class is designed for busy adults who want to free mind and relax body after hard working day.

Class is bi-weekly. We meet Mondays and Wednesdays at 8pm. Price is per person for a month worth of classes.

We have all heard and read articles on how much better you would feel if you just exercise a little. It is about time to start. Our Stretch and Move class does just that. We will start with some tried-and-true stretching that works different parts of your body. Then once we are ready to move, we will move! We will play some popular tunes and bust a couple of moves.

Not to worry, this is not a full blown dance class where you need to memorize steps and do them perfectly. The plan is to ease into dancing, not even knowing that you are doing it. No dance experience necessary. Two left feet (or two right feet) are welcome.

In the end of the class you will leave relaxed, with muscles having received a good dose of action while being stretched and soothed between exercises. You should sleep well and be energized enough to take on another busy day.

Ha, we forgot. The class meets twice a week. This way you are doubling your chances of making it through the week. And do not forget to tell your coworkers that Stretch & Move class is your secret to staying sane, healthy and energetic throughout the week.

Difficulty Level Easy
Experience Required No
Do I Need Partner? No partner needed