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Child 6-10 Beginner Karate (Saturday 12noon)

Introducing our new Karate for Kids class! We will teach basics of self-defense, stretching and strengthening exercises. Class is designed to teach children important life skills in a safe, fun and exciting environment. The classes will greatly enhance your child's self-confidence and concentration whilst improving their basic motor skills and physical fitness through Martial Arts training. The classes help them to see the value of team work and good behavior.

Class is suitable for both boys and girls ages 6-10 years old

In our classes students will learn courtesy and respect. Students will improve their ability to focus and be attentive. During the class students will learn basic kicks, punches and blocks. They will learn how to use their voices, how to safely fall and to protect themselves. Partner work in class is always NON-CONTACT for safety. Fitness training and other activities are done at a level suitable for the age group.

Difficulty Level Easy
Experience Required No