Child 6-10 DanceSport: Latin and Ballroom (Mondays 7:00pm)

This DanceSport dance class is for children that want to learn more Latin and Ballroom dance. This class is suitable for young kids who have not had much dance experience before. In this dance class children learn basics of movement, coordination and balance using fun steps taken from modern, hip hop, ballet and other forms of dance. We also work extensively on balance and musicality which will become more important in the future when your child starts learning formal Latin and Ballroom dance. This a very fun and energetic class.

Class is ongoing. Register online, we will add you to roster and your child can attend next available class

Children 5-7 pre-DanceSport dance class in Houston at DanceSport Club

In our Children DanceSport group dance class we introduce children to basics of movement, balance and rhythm. Ballroom (Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz and Quickstep) and Latin (ChaCha, Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble and Jive) dance is a beautiful dance form, however, it requires some basic level of coordination and musicality. We highly recommend children that would like to continue learning Latin and Ballroom dancing but either too young or have not had much dance experience to attend this starter dance class. 

  Child Summer DanceSport class - Waltz basic steps

In this group dance class we do a lot solo work so that children can properly learn steps and corresponding technique. We start with very basics dance steps from ballet, modern dance and hip hop to improve balance and coordination. Throughout dance classes we pay close attention to children's progress and give them more challenging, yet fun dance steps when they are ready. 

 Children 5-7 pre-DanceSport dance class in Houston at DanceSport Club

This DanceSport dance class is designed for children 6-10 years old. 

Fees & Billing Questions

How do we register for Child DanceSport class?

You can register for Children's Ballroom and Latin dance classes in several ways. Follow the link on this page and register online. You can also stop by the studio and register in person. This will give you an opportunity to see our facility.

How much dance classes cost?

Monthly cost for Child DanceSport Dance class is $60. The price includes 4 dance classes that are held weekly.

When is payment due?

For new students, payment is due upon registration. For returning students payment is due the 1 class of every month. You will receive an email with the link to submit your payment. Alternatively you can pay at the studio cash or credit card. No checks.

Should I expect extra fees?

We do not have registration fees. However, you will need to supply your young dancer with appropriate dance attire such as dance shoes, proper clothing for class and any costumes required for Holiday Showcase. There will also be additional costs if you choose for your child to participate in dance competitions.

Is there a fee for Holiday Showcase?

There is no fee for your child to participate in the Holiday Dance Showcase. However, there may be costuming cost involved, depending on what we decide to do for Showcase. Family members are required to purchase tickets to watch the showcase.