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Creative Movement for Toddlers 2-5 years old (Thursday 7pm)

Creative Movement dance class is a joyful way for children to explore movement through music and dance. In this dance class your child will work on developing physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination, and creativity. Using creative movement, students can simultaneously develop motor skills, rhythmic awareness, coordination, and balance in a safe environment. Join us for an hour of dance fun for little ones! This dance class is perfect for boys and girls ages 2-5.

FAQs about this dance class:

What will they wear?

Children should wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that does not restrict movement. If they have ballet shoes, they should wear them. Otherwise, lightweight flexible shoes would work to start with.

 Is it just the kids in the class or does the parent do it with them?

This class is just for children. The way studio is, you will be able to observe the class through the window from the lobby area.

Are the movements based off of what the teacher is displaying to them and for them to follow?

The teacher will introduce children to some steps and movements. However, as children become more comfortable learning to express themselves, they will create their own movements.

 Are they learning a sequence of movements?

This is the class for very young children that have no dance experience at all. Therefore the plan is to teach them simple steps first. As they progress, we will introduce simple choreographies. However, the progress is going to depend on how well the class picks up individual steps.

What is “Creative Movement”?

Creative movement can be defined as movement that indicates the inner nature of a child. The encouragement of children to explore this movement using music encourages the development of physical skills, channeling energy in a healthy way and nurtures their creativity. Creative movement dance class is one of the few activities that offers children a non-competitive environment providing experiences that strengthens every area of learning. The skills developed in this dance class are useful for children when headed back into traditional classroom.


Sensory Awareness

Creative movement dance class strengthens a child’s imagination and enables them to experience the beauty of life with a greater meaning. Their visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile senses are engaged as they learn about their body and the space around them.


Social Skills

This dance class encourages new and beneficial social encounters with their class. Children have the ability to recognize their own uniqueness, as well as the individuals around them. Not only are students sharing a physical space and moving together, but are learning the many different responses to different movement ideas. Students are able to experience participating in a group and engage in defining oneself and their confidence within the classroom.


Cognitive Stimulation

The brain’s right hemisphere is stimulated through music and creativity, where as the left hemisphere is responsible for the sequential and logical skills that are used in creative movement. Both sides of the brain are engaged during creative movement class that helps to increase memory and communication skills.


Body Awareness

Motor and rhythmic skills, strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance flourish when children are given the opportunity to practice them


Classroom Skills

Children are introduced to concentration and must determine when it is appropriate to move in certain situations. Not only are they practicing respecting the space of others, but respecting the differences of those around them. Self-esteem is increased and children are empowered by their own competence when they successfully participate and their contributions are valued.


Creative movement can be encouraged by any adult, not just in the classroom, but throughout the day. Both boys and girls of any age, as well as children with communication, sensory, development, or physical challenges. Skills that are learned and developed in creative movement classes are beneficial for children in the classroom setting. These skills include having the confidence to speak or present in front of a group, memorizing new terms or vocabulary with less difficulty, and applying rhythm and counting to learn difficult math concepts.