2020 Holiday Dance Showcase Disclaimer

At DanceSport Club we understand that we all want to either attend or participate in social gathering events such as the Holiday Dance Showcase (“event”).

However, when we are in a social environment we can be exposed to contagious diseases such as influenza, common cold and now COVID-19. This is a risk that persons must accept if they choose to participate in Holiday Dance Showcase whether as guests, performers, volunteers, staff members etc. Thereby, you understand that DanceSport Club and its employees or representatives assume no risk to any exposure that may occur at the Holiday Dance Showcase.

By attending this event I understand and agree to the following disclaimer as outlined below:

1) Dance is a physical activity that may include close physical contact with other participants.  Like all such physical activities, dance carries some degree of risk.

2) DanceSport Club and its employees or representatives will not be held liable for injuries or illnesses sustained by persons attending the event. Persons attending the event do so at their own risk.

3) DanceSport Club and its employees or representatives are not responsible for injury or illness or for any loss, damage or theft of articles from event facilities during events.

4) To the best of my knowledge I am not currently COVID-19 positive and have not had common symptoms of this disease in the last 14 days.