Children DanceSport (Ballroom and Latin) Dance Classes in Houston

Children Ballroom and Latin Dance classes (collectively known as DanceSport) are a fun and affordable introductory way for children to learn to dance in Houston. Ballroom dance and Latin dancing is a rewarding activity that involves physical exercise, coordination, mental stimulation  and social interaction. Altogether that makes DanceSport dance classes a perfect activity for your child.

In our dance classes kids learn how to focus so that they can memorize dance steps and later perform them with music and together with other children. Thus, in dance classes children not only learn how to dance but also how to be courteous and polite to their peers. 

In our beginner DanceSport dance classes we first introduce simple ballet, modern dance and hip hop dance steps to get children engaged in learning and improve their balance and coordination. Later we introduce them to formal Ballroom and Latin dances such as Waltz and ChaCha. These two dances are the first ones your child will learn in our classes. The fun thing is that there are more dances to learn. As students progress we teach them other dances such as Quickstep, Rumba, Samba, Foxtrot, Jive and Vienesse Waltz. Every dance has different musci and character which makes it fun for children to learn.  

Starting Ballroom and Latin dance at a young age has many benefits for children:

First, it involves children in a productive, healthy activity which they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. Many people who started dancing as children continue dancing as they turn adults. Dancing is great physcially and mentally stimulating activity that can be enjoyed for the years to come. Therefore, involving your child in dancing is an investement into their physcial and mental health.

Second, dancing releases youth's excess energy in a constructive manner. We hear many parents who come to the studio complaining that their child is always watching TV or playing video games. Sedetary lifestyles of modern life are taking tall on our children who need to be active. Enrolling your child in DanceSport classes will help your child to be active. 

Third, attending dance classes provides children with a community of their peers. Through learning in group children socialize with other kids and learn how to interact in a positive, respectful manner. These skills will greatly help your child when he or she will be turning adult.


FAQs about Children Ballroom and Latin (DanceSport) Classes in Houston


Are DanceSport classes for beginners?


Definitely! Most of our group DanceSport dance classes for kids in Houston are designed for the beginners. We welcome kids without any dance background. We want everyone to feel like they can come take dance class no matter what their experience or skill level and we've worked hard to make sure our dance classes meet the needs of those who are just starting. 


Will there be a recital?


Of course! We organize Holiday Dance Showcase in the end of each year for all our dance students. It is normally in December qround Christmas time. We highly recommend students to participate. It is a wonderful feeling to see our student work hard towards a goal and perform what they've learned in front of an audience with the encourage of our teachers, staff, friends, and of course, family!


For Holiday Dance Showcase we normally organize a group performance so that everybody has a chance to aprticipate. Doing group dance performance also makes it easier for those children that never performed dance before. 


Can my child take additional dance classes?


Sure. We also offer Ballet dance classes for children. We encourage our students that take DanceSport classes to also take ballet because it helps to improve their balance and coordination.


Child 6-10 Summer DanceSport (Thursdays 6pm)

This Summer DanceSport dance class is for children that want to learn more Latin and Ballroom dance during summer break. This class is suitable for young kids who have not had much dance experience before. In this dance class children learn basics of movement, coordination and balance using fun steps taken from modern, hip hop, ballet and other forms of dance. We also work extensively on balance and musicality which will become more important in the future when your child starts learning formal Latin and Ballroom dance. This a very fun and energetic class.


Child Modern Ballroom Dance (Saturdays 10am)

In this group dance class your child will learn basics of moder Ballroom dances such as Waltz , Foxtrot, Quickstep etc. This a very fun and energetic class.
*** Class is ongoing, register and join any time. Once paid online we will add your child's name to the roster. You can also register in-person at the studio.***

Child Performance Dance Team (Tuesday and Thursday 8pm)

This class is open to boys and girls . No dance experience necessary. In this class we will focus on 1 or 2 Ballroom or Latin dances at a time and teach simple, yet fun choreography that your child will perform.

Registration is effective immediately. Your child can start attending team meetings the next class day! Monthly fee includes 2 classes per week. Please read dress code information below.


Child DanceSport (Saturday 1pm)

This is a class for children that want to participate in dance competitions, known as DanceSport. In this group dance class your child will learn simple routines of International Ballroom and Latin dances such as Waltz, Quickstep, Rumba and ChaCha. This a very fun and energetic class that requires stamina and focus. We will be specifically focusing on preparation for competitions.