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Private Dance Lessons


Convenient Houston location:

Getting to your private dance lessons in Houston should be easy. However, living in Houston means dealing with traffic. Not to worry, DanceSport club is conveniently located in Southwest Houston right on the feeder of US-59 South near Beltway 8. This way you will not miss your private dance lesson appointment. 

Flexible Scheduling: 

We know that you are busy and private dance lessons may not be on the top of your mind. Sometimes it is difficult to squeeze everything you want to do in 24 hours. Well, actually less, considering we need to sleep sometime. According to research, lack of time is the number ONE reason people give for not dancing. Our Private Dance Lessons in Houston are designed to be flexible to schedule. You have time Monday morning at 10am? We can do it. Wednesday afternoon? Not a problem. Friday evening? Sure. We are here to help aligning your schedule with our dance instructors.

Learn dances that you want: 

Many times people start dancing by going to group dance classes in Houston. This is a great start. However, you can't always choose the dance that you want in a group setting. For example, in our Beginner Ballroom classes we teach Waltz, Foxtrot and Tango. Thus, this month you may get Tango, when you wanted to learn Waltz. In private dance lessons this is not an issue. We will teach dances that you want to learn. We can even switch between dances to make it more fun. For example, we can teach Rumba one week and Waltz next week. This is not a problem for our dance instructors.

Private Environment: 

In a private dance lesson you will get undivided attention of the instructor and will be able to focus better. Not everyone feels comfortable learning to dance in a group class. There can be many reasons for that. In addition, it is more diffiuclt to focus on something new when there are other people around you in a dance class. Even if people are nice, they may be distracting to your learning process. 

Personalized Curriculum: 

Group dance classes in Houston are good way to get familiar with the basics of Ballroom dance. However, even the best Houston group class is geared primarily to addressing common concerns that apply to a majority of students. In a group class setting, dance instructors simply do not have enough time to address specific needs of individual students. And since everyone is unique, different people have different needs when it comes to Ballroom dance. That is why it is very beneficial for students to take private dance lessons with dance instructors to get more individualized attention. You may want to think of a private dance lesson as a combination of tutoring and a personal trainer. In private dance lessons instructors have the ability to adjust teaching methods to better suit your individual needs and closely monitor your performance to address any concerns.

Dances we teach:

Ballroom Dances: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Vienesse Waltz and Quickstep

International Latin Dances: ChaCha, Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble and Jive

Social Latin Dances: Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, East Coast Swing


Private Dance Lessons – Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need to have a partner to take private dance lessons in Houston?

A: No you don’t. That is one of the biggest advantages of private dance lessons – you can take lessons by yourself. During lesson you will be able to dance with your dance teacher to practice what you learned.

Q: How do I schedule my private dance lessons in Houston?

A: It is very easy. You can call DanceSport Club 281-933-2623 and talk to our staff members to schedule your private dance lesson. You can send us email with your preferred dates/ times and we will get back to you with availability. Or you can stop by the studio to say “Hi” and schedule your lessons. We are always happy to see you at DanceSport club.

Q:   What should I wear for my private dance lesson?

A: Whatever makes you feel comfortable and able to move around the dance floor works for us! Ideally dance shoes are a great choice to wear even at very beginning of your lessons to ease with the proper footwork and technique from the get-go. If you do not have dance shoes, please wear comfortable shoes that are not too stiff. No high heels for ladies or tennis shoes for guys.

Q: How long is each private dance lesson?

A: Our private dance lessons are 1 hour long.

Q: Is the price for private dance lessons per person or per couple.

A: Let’s put it this way. Price is for up to 2 people. So it can be a single person or a couple. Or it can be 2 friends. Or it can be a mother and her son.

Q: Do my private dance lessons expire if I buy a package.

A: Currently at DanceSport Club we do not have expiration date on private dance lessons that you purchase. Thus you can take a few private dance lessons and then take a break. Go on vacation for example.  When you are back, let us know when you are ready to resume you dance lessons. 

Q: Can I get refund for my dance lessons?

A: All purchases of private dance lessons are non-refundable. However, we understand that life gets in your way and it is not always possible to attend lesson appointments. Not to worry. We always try our best to reschedule your dance lessons, if necessary. 

New Student Summer Special - 6 Private Dance Lessons

It's summer time! Whether you plan to go Salsa dancing in Cancun, Waltzing in Vienna or Two-Stepping in Houston it is time to take some private dance lessons and get ready. Come by yourself or with a dance partner. We teach both singles and couples. Start dancing at DanceSport Club, and discover your passion for dance!
Just for new students*. Price is for up to 2 people, can be a single person or a couple. After purchase, call or email us to schedule your first lesson!*
$570.00 $299.00

Private Ballroom Dance Lesson

Learn to dance Ballroom in Houston! We teach many ballroom dances including Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep and Vienesse Waltz. Private Ballroom dance lessons are easy to fit your busy schedule and they are specifically tailored to your needs. After you complete your purchase call us or email to schedule your first lesson.
From $85.00

Private Cumbia Dance Lesson

Learn to dance Cumbia in Houston! Private Cumbia dance lessons are easy to fit your busy schedule and they are specifically tailored to your needs. After you complete your purchase call us or email to schedule your first lesson.
From $85.00

Private Salsa Dance Lesson

Learn to dance Salsa! Private Salsa dance lessons are easy to fit your busy schedule and they are specifically tailored to your needs. After you complete your purchase call us or email to schedule your first lesson.
From $85.00

5 Quinceanera Father-Daughter Dance Lessons

This is agreat package for fathers who would like to dance with their daughters at Quinceanera.

Package includes 5 private dance lessons and a custom choreography. These lessons are 1 hour each and are flexible to schedule. We will work with your schedule to figure out better time for dance lessons.

If you already have a song that you would like to use, we can work with that. If not, we can also provide help with song selection. We also take into consideration venue that you will be using for your event.


8 Quinceanera-Chamberlain Dance Lessons with Choreography

Following the father and daughter dance, the Quinceañera chambelan (or the birthday girl's escort) will approach the father and ask for permission to dance with the birthday girl. Traditionally, Chambelan will dance Waltz (Vals) with Quinceañera.

Generally, the main chambelan is someone very close to the Quinceanera either a brother, cousin or relative. It can also be the case that he is her best friend from childhood, school or a neighbor. Being the main chamberlain someone close to the Quinceanera has many benefits as she will feel comfortable with him around at all times and there is trust and communication to express what he or she likes or dislikes. Chambelan will need to be someone reliable who will be able to attend each of the dance rehearsals.


"Wedding First Dance" Package

This package includes 5 private wedding dance lessons, original choreography and help with selecting the music.

Private Bachata Dance Lesson

Learn to dance Bachata! Private Bachata dance lessons are easy to fit your busy schedule and they are specifically tailored to your needs. After you complete your purchase call us or email to schedule your first lesson.

*** Please note that we teach Bachata only to couples ***

From $85.00

DanceSport Coaching Lessons – Competitive dance training

Whether you are a beginner level dancer thinking of joining your first local competition, more seasoned dancer trying to qualify for Nationals or high level dancer competing at International competitions you can benefit from having a DanceSport coach to achieve your goals. At DanceSport Club we have knowledgeable coaches that compete regularly and have a wealth of information and knowledge to help your competitive Ballroom dance dreams come true.
From $75.00