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"Wedding First Dance" Package

This package includes 5 private wedding dance lessons, original choreography and help with selecting the music.

When should I start wedding dance lessons?

It is important to choose a good time to start wedding dance lessons. There are several factors to consider such as: your level of dance experience, difficulty of choreography and your availability for dance lessons and practice. When it gets closer to your wedding, things start getting hectic and most people put their dance lessons and practicing aside. Thus, it is better to start earlier, about 3-4 months before wedding so that about 1 month before the date you already have routine and practiced it a little. This way when closer to wedding things start getting more stressful, all you need to do is to rehearse from time to time.


How many dance lessons should we take before wedding?

It really depends on what kind of dancing you want to do for your wedding and your level of experience. If you want something simple and relaxing, like social dancing, and you have some experience, a couple of lessons might work. If you want nice choreography and do not have dance experience it may take a few lessons. Our First Dance Wedding Dance package, for example, includes 5 private lessons. In that time frame we can create a choreography that is nice and suitable for a dancer's level.