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New September Dance Classes!

Thursday, August 27, 2020
Dear Friends,
We are very fortunate that Hurricane Laura did not come to Houston. We pray that the weather continues to be great and no new disasters come our way.
At DanceSport Club we are very excited to start new classes beginning in September. Historically we try to adjust our class schedule based on seasons and other events such as schools opening back up again. Therefore we have a few changes and additions to our schedule. Drumroll please!

Kids Classes

Child 4-7 Ballet  Saturday 11am

For kids, we are adding a second Ballet class on Saturdays at 11am. Our Wednesday 7pm class is starting to fill up. So in order to have enough space for kids to accommodate for distancing, we are adding Saturday Ballet class. It starts on Saturday, September 5. Register today to ensure your child has space.

Child Hip Hop  Thursday 7pm      

Our Kids Hip Hop class is moving to Thursday evening.

Children Latin Fusion Class Saturday 1pm

This is a new class for kids where we will incorporate basics of both traditional Latin dances such as Salsa and Cumbia as well as modern International Latin dances such as ChaCha and Rumba. In this Latin Fusion class children do not need a partner, we will be teaching many solo steps. It will be a fun and energetic class designed to provide your child with both dance knowledge and exercise.  We also plan to get kids ready to perform at our Holiday Dance Showcase this December. Oops, not sure if I was supposed to tell you that.   

Adult Classes

No, we did not forget our adult dancers. We have a couple of changes in our schedule for you too.

“Anyone Can Dance” Cumbia/Bachata  Wednesday 8pm

First, our Cumbia/Bachata class is moving to Wednesday evening to accommodate for extra Salsa class that we are introducing on Monday.

“Anyone Can Dance” Salsa part 1  Monday 7pm

“Anyone Can Dance” Salsa part 2  Monday 8 pm

We decided to add a second part to our popular Monday Salsa class. Therefore, in Part 1, we will be teaching everything we teach now. In Part 2 we will teach more. If you are a complete beginner, sign up for Part 1. If you took our Salsa class before, feel free to sign up for Part 2 to learn more cool steps

Salsa Shines Sunday 4pm

“Shines” are integral part of salsa dancing and involves fun steps performed solo. So if you want to shine on the dance floor, sign up for this fun class.

Friday Social Dance.

This Friday, August  28 we will have our weekly social dance from 8:00pm-10:30pm. As for face coverings, they are required.