Online Private Dance Lessons

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Online Private Dance Lessons in HoustonDon't you think now is the best time to learn how to dance?

You may be skeptical about this statement. With novel coronavirus taking over the Nation (and the whole world) it can be difficult to keep calm and enjoy life. Our normal daily routines are changing. Schools, movie theaters, restaurants and many other public places are closing. People are required to stay home. Many people can’t even go to work! How can this be a good time to learn to dance?

Just stop panicking, breathe and think about these facts. In the past you never had time to take dance lessons. You were busy, working, taking kids to school, going out with your friends. You had no time! Now we finally have time. We can't go to work, have to “work from home”. Kids are not going to school or dozens of other activities. But we gained time to do something good for ourselves! Yes, we can take dance lessons!

Instead of you going to a dance studio we’ve decided to bring the studio to you by offering Online Private Dance lessons. You can take them anywhere, in your backyard, your kitchen, your living room, we don't really care. As long as you have a device with a camera and internet, you are good to go.

On our side, we still have skillful dance instructors, we have studio space and professional equipment to hold video calls. We can hold video calls via different platforms such as Google Hangouts or Facebook. You let us know which platform works best, we work with you.

With the help of technology and our instructor’s teaching skills we will be able to provide you high-quality instruction, monitor your learning and provide you with feedback. Thus, whether you are in the studio or not, you still get great knowledge and private, personalized attention from our instructors.

So, do not hesitate to sign up for our Online Private Dance Lessons. They are at a great price too. Our regular in-person lessons are $95/lesson, while online private dance lessons are only $49/lesson. In addition you can get a package of 6 online private dance lessons for only $249.

Call 281-933-2623 or email us if you have any questions about lessons, how it works etc