Reopening Saturday Ballet class

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Saturday ballet dance class for girls 6-8 years old  in Houston at DanceSport Club

Dear Parents,

We are reopening our Saturday 12 Noon Ballet dance class again. This class will not be participating in showcase. This class is open for girls that would like to continue learning ballet but do not wish to participate in performance. We are starting next Saturday, November 6. See you there!

Starting Ballet dance at a young age is very rewarding in a long run. Benefits of ballet for children are numerous. First, it involves children in a constructive activity which they can enjoy for many years, even when they become adults. Second, dancing releases kid's extra energy in a productive way (would you prefer your child watch TV or do some dancing?). Third, dancing provides children with a community of friends, with whom they socialize and interact in a positive, respectful manner. Below, please find a schedule of children dance classes.