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Children Summer Camp - Day 1

Monday, June 21, 2021

Day 1 of Children Summer Camp at DanceSport Club in Houston

Children Summer Camp in Houston at DanceSport Club.  Ballroom dance lesson Waltz

A lot of good things happened today. This was a very first day of our Summer Dance Camp for children and teens 8-15 years old and everyone was very excited and eager to dance and learn.

We started with our regular morning stretches, then proceeded with Waltz lesson. Waltz is the first of Ballroom dances and is fairly easy to learn. First, we worked on progressive step in Waltz. Children picked up steps fairly easy so we decided to teach the the ever-famous Waltz box-step. They got that one too. So in the end of the lesson we also learned NAtural turn and Reverse turns.

After Ballroom dance lesson we had Hip Hop dance class. Kids appeared to have a lot of energy and were hopping to popular tunes. Obviously, Hip Hop dance class took some energy so everyone was super hungry. Since everyone brought lunch that was not big of a problem.

After lunch we proceeded with our Latin dance lesson. First we learned basic step and New Yorker in ChaCha. ChaCha is a very lively and energetic Latin dance. 

Children Summer Camp in Houston at DanceSport Club. ChaCha dance lesson

 In addition to learning traditional dances such as Ballroom and LAtin we feel that children need to know some fun social dance. The easiest social dances that can be danced at parties are line dance. LIne dance is a kind of dance when all participants perform the same steps in the same direction at the same time. It looks very impressive when many people do it at once. Today our choice of line dance was Electric Slide.

Children Summer Camp in Houston at DanceSport Club. Electric slide line dance lesson

We finished our day with a craft project. Today our project was a hand fan. Kids made it from cardboard and fabric. Everyone did really well and finished their projects right on time. 

Children Summer Camp in Houston at DanceSport Club. Arts and crafts

Tomorrow we will have even more fun! If you are interested in signing up your child for our Summer Camp, next session will be July 12-16