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Niño 5-7 pre-DanceSport (Sabado 12 Noon)

This class is for children that have had some dance training. Regardless of the style of dance training (Ballroom, Latin, Ballet, Modern or other) it is a requirement for this class. This is a class for children that want to dance at competitions and are willing to commit to training to achieve their dance goals. If your child is new to dance, we recommend starting with Child DanceSport class and then progressing to DanceSport for Competitions.


DanceSport is a combination of Ballroom and Latin dances. Those dances can be learned for fun and exercise, because it is beneficial for a child’s development to be active and coordinated.

DanceSport performances in Houston

DanceSport can also be great for performances. For example, for our Holiday Dance Showcase kids group classes put together a little choreography that they learn and rehearse and then perform in front of an audience. That is a great step in your child development because he or she will learn not only how to dance but also a value of team work and performance.

Children DanceSport competition

The next level of DanceSport is competitions. This level is not for everyone. Competitive dancing requires a lot of work. It requires physical endurance to sustain athletic performance. It requires mental strength to remember routines and technique and be able to execute them under pressure. It requires higher level of performance so that you look happy, elegant, fun etc while dancing.  It requires dedication and persistence to keep working towards goals.

Dancesport dance classes for children in Houston

In this class we will work on several choreographies for different dances that can be used for DanceSport competition. We will work on techniques that are required for each dance. We will do a lot of practicing so that students remember and are able to execute steps correctly. We will practice how to enter the dance floor, how to start dancing, how to exit floor properly, as well as other aspects of competitive dancing.

Does my child need a dance partner to participate in DanceSport competition?

Not necessarily.  There are several options available for kids who want to dance at DanceSport competitions.

Children solo proficiency DanceSport competition

First, children can dance as “solo proficiency”. This is a new category that many competitions are introducing. In this category all participants dance by themselves and are judged against each other as individuals, not couples. This category provides new students an easier way to compete. In addition, it is also very beneficial since students have to remember and execute dance steps themselves and do not rely on their partners.

Solo proficiency Ballroom DanceSport competition

Second, students can dance with anther students from class regardless of gender. Traditionally, Ballroom and Latin dancing couple was comprised of a boy and a girl. However, recent changes in rules allow partners to be same gender. Thus, two girls can dance with each other. One partner dancing as a lead and another as follow. They can be sisters, they can be friends or they can pair with someone from class.

Teacher-student DanceSport competition

Third, children can dance in “Teacher-Student” category. In this category students that do not have partners will dance with their teachers.

Are there any DanceSport competitions in Houston?

Houston DanceSport Classic dance competition in Houston

Yes, there are several dance competitions in Houston, as well as in nearby cities and states. It is more convenient and economical to attend local dance competitions. We will let you know in advance about competition options to plan accordingly.

Gumbo of Ballroom DanceSport competition

For more ambitious students there are plenty of competitions around the country. In addition, several organizations hold their annual National Championships where National champions are determined in different age categories and styles. Some National Championships may require qualifying at regional events. Talk to us if you are interested.

What is the dress code for DanceSport for Competition class?

Dance shoes: for this dance class children are required to have proper Ballroom/Latin dance shoes. We recommend International Dance Design dance store which is located in the same building as dance studio.  They can help you to find correct dance shoes for your child.

Dance clothes for boys: boys should wear black stretchy shirt/ T-shirt and black dance pants or stretchy athletic pants.

Dance clothes for girls: girls should wear black leotard and black dance skirt OR a simple one piece dance dress.