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What is a DanceSport competition?

Simply put, DanceSport competitions are events where individual dancers or partnerships (also known as “couples”) perform and are being judged to determine who is a better dancer. Normally, dancers are grouped together in smaller events called “Heats” which differ by style of dance (such as Latin, Ballroom, Social), dance type (SalsaWaltz or ChaCha, etc), age group (such as pre-teen or Adult), level (pre-bronze through Championship). Therefore a “dance competition” is a variety of such smaller events. As a result, there are many options to compete even if you are beginner dancer and just learned one or two dances!

Dancers are being evaluated by individuals called “judges”. Those are customarily knowledgeable folks who danced in the past and understand what qualities they are looking for in dancers. For beginners those qualities are remembering routines, dancing on the beat, etc. Judges normally rank dancers in order such as 1,2 3, 4, 5, 6. Obviously, #1 is a winner!However, that does not mean that #2 #3 or even #6 are bad dancers. They just did not perform as well as #1 did. There is always a chance next time. 

Competitors with awards at DanceSport competition

Why people participate in DanceSport competition?

We would be lying to you if we said it is easy to compete. Competitive dancing requires a lot of work. It requires physical endurance to sustain athletic performance. It requires mental strength to remember routines and technique and be able to execute them under pressure. It requires higher level of performance so that you look happy, elegant, fun etc while dancing.  It requires dedication and persistence to keep working towards goals.

However, difficulty level is something that attracts many people. As President Kennedy once said “We went to the Moon not because it was easy, but because it was difficult”. Many people want to challenge themselves in something unique and see if they can be better than others.

Participating in dance competition gives people sense of accomplishments. Dance students work hard taking private dance lessons to improve their dancing and want to be recognized for their hard work.

Some people simply love the glitz and glam of DanceSport with flashy costumes and fancy moves. They want to be a part of the show and feel good about it.

Dancing with teacher at DanceSport competition: Ballroom

Are DanceSport competitions just for kids?

People of any age can participate at DanceSport competition. At dance competitions we have what is called “age categories”. Those are age brackets that separate dancers based on their age. This division makes it fairer, so that dancers compete only with other dancers with approximately similar age. Therefore 8 year old children would not be competing with adults.  However, rules allow dancers to compete in one “higher” (considered more difficult) age group.

Dancers with awards at DanceSport competition

Are DanceSport competitions only for reeeaaally good dancers?

DanceSport competitions are open to dancers of different skill levels from beginners to advanced. That is why we have “dance levels”. Most often the very beginner level at competitions is called “pre-bronze”, sometimes also called “newcomer”. That level is normally restricted to dancers who have been dancing about 6 months and only allows first few steps of “syllabus”. Then we have Bronze, Silver, Gold and Open levels. As you can see there are many opportunities to compete whether you are beginner or seasoned dancer.

Dancers with medals at DanceSport competition

Can I compete if I only know how to dance 1 dance?

Sure you can compete if you know 1 dance only. Just compete in that dance! At DanceSport competitions there are “single dance” and “multi dance” categories. “Single dance” means you only compete in one dance. That can be Waltz, Salsa, Foxtrot, Rumba, etc. And you will get your result for that particular dance. Dancers that know more than one dance can also compete in “multi dance categories”. Those can include 2, 3, 4 or even 5 dances. However, for beginners we recommend sticking to single dances.   

DanceSport competition in Houston

Are there any DanceSport competitions in Houston?

Yes, there are several dance competitions in Houston, as well as in nearby cities and states. It is more convenient and economical to attend local dance competitions. We will let you know in advance about competition options to plan accordingly.

For more ambitious students there are plenty of competitions around the country. In addition, several organizations hold their annual National Championships where National champions are determined in different age categories and styles. Some National Championships may require qualifying at regional events. Talk to us if you are interested.

What are my options for participating in DanceSport competitions?

There are several options available for dancers who want to dance at DanceSport competitions.

Solo proficiency DanceSport competition

1. Dancing as “solo proficiency”.

This is a new category that many competitions are introducing. In this category all participants dance by themselves and are judged against each other as individuals, not couples. This category provides new students an easier way to compete. In addition, it is also very beneficial since students have to remember and execute dance steps themselves and do not rely on their partners.


Main benefit: No need to have partner at all


Main disadvantage: Do not experience partner dancing


Dancing with amateur dance partner at competition

2. Dancing with another amateur dancer like yourself.

Traditionally, dancers compete in Ballroom and Latin dance competitions as a couple. In the past that meant a male and female. However, recent changes in rules allow partners to be same gender. Thus, for example two ladies can dance with each other. One partner dancing as a lead and another as follow.


Main benefit: Lesson and practice expenses can be shared


Main disadvantage: May have difficulty finding partner or arranging schedules


>Dancing with teacher at DanceSport competition

3. Dancing with a teacher in “Teacher-Student” category

Third, you can dance in “Teacher-Student” category. In this category students that do not have partners will dance with their teachers.  This is a good category for beginners since it allows novice dancers to partner with experienced competitor. It is available for both adult and child competitors. See below our packages for dancing with teacher at dance competition.


Main benefit: Less stress, more comfort. You will dance with experienced dancer.


Main disadvantage: Slightly more expensive


Adults also dance at DanceSport competitions


Teacher-Student - Adult (over 16) pre Bronze level competition

Dance competitions are a great experience for adults. Teacher-Student competition category is easier and more convenient way for busy adults without partner to compete.. You can compete in a little as 1 dance only. Below please find some more information about this category.

Please be aware that this page is mostly for informational purpose. Prices listed are for teacher fees only. Please read thoroughly and contact studio directly with questions.


Teacher-Student - Child (under 16) pre Bronze level competition

Dance competitions are a great experience for young children. We encourage all our young student to participate. However, we understand that not all students will choose to compete. Teacher-Student competition category is availabe for children and teens under 16 years old. Your child can compete in a little as 1 dance only. Below please find some more information about this category.

Please be aware that this page is mostly for informational purpose. Prices listed are for teacher fees only. Please read thoroughly and contact studio directly with questions.


DanceSport Coaching Lessons – Competitive dance training

Whether you are a beginner level dancer thinking of joining your first local competition, more seasoned dancer trying to qualify for Nationals or high level dancer competing at International competitions you can benefit from having a DanceSport coach to achieve your goals. At DanceSport Club we have knowledgeable coaches that compete regularly and have a wealth of information and knowledge to help your competitive Ballroom dance dreams come true.
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