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Teacher-Student - Child (under 16) pre Bronze level competition

Dance competitions are a great experience for young children. We encourage all our young student to participate. However, we understand that not all students will choose to compete. Teacher-Student competition category is availabe for children and teens under 16 years old. Your child can compete in a little as 1 dance only. Below please find some more information about this category.

Please be aware that this page is mostly for informational purpose. Prices listed are for teacher fees only. Please read thoroughly and contact studio directly with questions.


Which dance can I compete in at dance competition?

Sometimes it depends on the competition. Certain competitions may restrict dances that students of certain level can do. Other competions do not. Therefore, depending on event, you may be able to compete in following dances:

Ballroom Dances:

Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep

International Latin Dance:

ChaCha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive

Social Dance:

Salsa and Cumbia


How do I prepare for DanceSport Competition?

In order to prepare for dance competition you would need to take some private dance lessons to learn your "routines". "Routines" are pieces of choreography that dancers perform at dance competitions.

You would work with your dance teacher who would create those routines for you based on your level. Therefore, to prepare for dance competition, first of all you need to schedule some private dance lessons. They are flexible to schedule and we will work with you on dances that you want to compete in.

When you have your routines ready and you practiced them well enough, you may do "rounds" with your teacher. "Rounds" allow you to immitate competition while at studio. You would perform your routines to music, for a certain period of time "normally about 1:30 min) and maybe even with costume.

Any other fees I need to be aware of when deciding to participate in dance competition?

There are several different expenses that dancers incurr while participating at dance competition. We will try to list them, however the list may not be completely inclusive.

Teacher Fees

When dancing in Teacher-Student category, teachers are customarily compensated for their services, since it is their job to dance with students. There are several different way it can be done depending on studio and/or instructor.

At DanceSport Club we try to make it simple. For beginner level students (pre-Bronze through Silver) we charge students teacher fees on "oer dance" basis. That means that is you dance 5 dances with your teacher, teacher fees would be 5 x whatever the fee is for your level. 

Those fees are listed on the top of this page as shopping cart options. This way you can approximately calculate what would you cost to participate in dance competition.


Competition Entry Fees

Competitions charge dancers fees to participate in events. Those are called "entry fees". They vary from competition to competition. Most dance competition organizers charge dancers for single-dance or multi-dance events. DanceSport Club normally collects those fees and pays them directly to competition organizers when submitting entries.



Some competitions require dancers to also purchase spectator tickets to the Session where their events are being held. For example, if you dance during day on Sunday, you may have to purchase "Sunday Matinee" ticket for yourself, your teacher and your guests,if you invite anyone.



If dance competition takes place outside of Houston area, you may be responsible for your share of Teacher's travelling expenses such as airline ticket, hotel, meals etc. If there are several students that are participating from the studio, they normally split Teacher's travelling expenses.